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I have heard a rumour that if you stare out of the virtual window long enough, wait, I really shouldn't tell you what happens. Otherwise, you might actually waste your time 'playing' this 'game', I really don't want you to waste your time. But if you do wish to waste your time, then keep reading (you're in for a real treat, if your definition of a 'treat' is huge un-bonified disappointment).



Window is a first person staring out a window simulator. Remember when simulator games were a big thing. I guess it's better late than never (in this case never would have been a more appropriate decision I think).

I made window in the space of about 6 hours one night, mainly cause I obviously hate sleeping. And if you are actually crazy enough to waste your precious data bandwidth on downloading this so called 'game' (I use that term extremely loosely) then you must be clinically insane. No, seriously, get yourself tested.

In the extremely unlikely event that you enjoy this experience please feel free to chuck some cash my way. That way I can continue work on my current main project 'JWU'. Spoiler: 'JWU' actually has game-play.

So if you are still reading this for some reason thanks for your time. It has been my dream to be a game designer for as long as I can remember, which I think equates to about 6 months in total.

Seriously; thank you, and enjoy staring out a virtual Window (you weirdo).



It does have some pretty sweet curtain simulation effects, so you gotta have a bit of juice.


P.S. I have just been informed that calling potential customers clinically insane and weirdos is not a beneficial business practise, I am therefore firing my publicist.

P.P.S. If I sell $1 worth of Window I will release a mac build, yay blackmail!

P.P.P.S.  A future update may contain ambient sound effects for enhanced virtual window staring out of experience, for now you will just have to put up with the virtual piano to keep you entertained if you get bored of looking out the window.

P.P.P.P.S.  Window now includes super special secret filters and a wire-frame mode so you can see all the pretty tris that make up the curtains ('TAB' to toggle wire-frame).

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Published Jul 31, 2017


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